Island Speed n Style

Event #2

Fastest Overall Lap AND Fastest RWD lap

Dylan Cole: Running the Factory Rotory Engine to its limits. in his Clean Mazda he was able to quickly get to the top of the time charts and stay there after the days events he was able to get Both Fastest Lap time and Fastest Rear Wheel Drive and coming away with crowd Favorite making it a pretty successful day. Setting a 33.033

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Fastest FWD Lap

Cameron Mcphail: One of our own team members! This 2017 Hyundai Veloster showed up with impressive speed utilizing its agility and experience to shave seconds off the competition and coming in with a 34.413

Fastest AWD

Russ Bradley: Returning from last years event and successfully defending his Fastest AWD position, proving that a clean consistent lap time is all it takes to make good time around a track and set a 33.53

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Other Awards